Sara Aimée Smiseth’s debut album came out March 4!

Available here, and on all streaming platforms.

‘George Bernard Shaw proclaimed Agathe Backer Grøndahl one of the century’s greatest pianists, yet she remains unknown for most people today. I am thrilled to be able to present this album, showing the world the wide array of Backer Grøndahl’s wonderfully poetic, virtuoso, and colourful piano works.

– Sara Aimée Smiseth

Grand Piano (part of Naxos) is a premium label dedicated to the exploration of undiscovered repertoire for piano. Launched in March 2012, the label features recordings of interesting rare works that might otherwise have remained unknown and unrecorded. Pulling from a deep pool of talent around the globe, Grand Piano brings to life exciting interpretations of these gems of the keyboard repertoire.

Recording Venue: Newtone AS, Kalbakken, Oslo, Norway
Producer: Sara Aimée Smiseth
Engineer: Aksel Jensen
Editors: Aksel Jensen, Sara Aimée Smiseth
Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen
Piano: Bösendorfer, Model 225
Piano Technician: Joakim Sigvaldsen
Cover Photo: Sara Aimée Smiseth (Ormsundet in Oslofjorden)

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